PICK YOUR IMAGE - Vintage Oval Necklace

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**You can pick the image you would like for this necklace from the "Prints" section in my shop. Use the "Special instructions for seller" feature in the shopping cart to let me know which image(s) you would like for the necklace(s) you picked, if you are buying more than one "Pick Your Image" necklace in different styles, please be specific in your note about which image you want with each style. Please note that some images might get too cropped and not be the best choice for this type of necklace setting, but I will let you know before making the necklace if that is the case.**

These vintage style necklaces are approximately 1.25 inch tall and 1 inch wide (the image is 1inch tall and 0.75inch wide) and they feature a print of one of my original paintings. The image is glazed into a glass dome, which is attached to a textured metal pendant tray. They include a 30" chain.