Hi! My name is Carolina. I'm a "born and raised" Costa Rican artist, now residing on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina in the United States, where I moved to be with my (awesome) husband.

I’m an artist at heart and an artist by profession; I graduated with a BFA with emphasis in painting from Universidad de Costa Rica in 2007.

My current work is inspired by different scenery from around the world, places that I have been lucky enough to see during my life, due to my love for traveling and different cultures.

Sometimes my scenes are just the result of my imagination, or a “mental collage” of things that I have recently seen, or things that have remained in my memory from past experiences.

My work is filled with contrasting colors, circles, spirals, dots and many other elements that are important symbols in my art and represent hope, positivity and dreams, among other things. 

Since moving to the Outer Banks in 2011, my art, filled mainly with urban scenery and crowded buildings began to be influenced by the beautiful surroundings of my new home; as a result you can now see, more often than not, representative elements of the landscapes from this part of the world in my work.  

Thank you for stopping by my website. Cheers!